Preliminary design

Final design

Construction and planting


Pre-planning- We will meet with our client to learn their needs, priorities and review site and environmental conditions. At that time, we will also discuss suggested budget. 

Preliminary design- Based on the client’s needs we will develop a plan, outline the design and the initial construction/planting cost  for client review and approval.

Final design- Present rendering to client and make adjustment to plan base on client review. Prepare construction plans and secure required permits. 

Construction and planting- Demolition and/or plant removal, hardscape construction (i.e. all built elements such as deck, patios, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, fences, pergolas and basketball court, etc.), irrigation, planting, lighting, and decorative accessories if needed. All of this work will be done by our dedicated team or highly qualified subcontractors. 

Maintenance- We offer a yearly maintenance service to maintain the look and expected development of the garden. In addition, we will ensure the health and well-being of newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.